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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I'm Melissa Chavez. I guess I'll be the first to post on the blog. Well I show german shepherds and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. I've been going to shows for 4 years now and have been handling for now 3 years. I love handling. It's my passion. I love working with dogs. I have always loved dogs and one day met a neighbor who had shepherds(Kelly Busse) and she got me into the sport. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have my cardi right now. Shes my second mom. I went to California this past summer on an intership at Laura Thomas' house and handled her dogs. I also got a lot of experience there not only with dogs, but in work ethic. I fell in love with all her dogs, its so hard to say good bye. I'm also invited to go back next year, so that will be fun. I'm an Open Senior, I am doing very well with my cardi. We had a great bonding expericence in california. She figured out that she had competition for her attention in the juniors ring when I subed Maggie (my gsd juniors dog that lives in cali) with her, and she totally shone like the sun the next day. Well thats a little bit about me. I hope everyones having a good day!
Melissa Chavez
aka Miss jr handler
GsD & cWc


Blogger Sean Bragg said...

Melissa- You're definitely an asset to this breed. You have shown great leadership in moving the "Juniors Movement" forward.... and I only hope this momentum builds!!!

8:00 PM

Blogger ~*Melizza*~ said...

Thank you Sean, I knew it needed to be done and I wanted to be apart of pushing just a little harder to get it done. I thing that this isn't over and this is just the foundation on our upcoming sky scraper.
I think the building will go on with people like you who are helping to get juniors going again forreal.


9:14 AM


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